A: Before boarding your pet, we strongly encourage pet owners to take the time to visit any boarding facilities that you might be considering. Don't just visit the office area; insist on seeing the actual kennel area where the pets are boarded. Are the kennels and surrounding areas clean? What kind of disinfectant is used to sanitize the pet accommodations? How often are the dog & cat accommodations cleaned and sanitized? Talk to the owners and staff of the kennel. Do they appear to be knowledgeable?

A few good rules to follow when selecting a kennel:
  1. Show up to tour the boarding facility unannounced with no appointment.  The only rule you must follow is to show up during the kennel's posted business hours.  Be very skeptical of any boarding facility that insists that you make a specific appointment  or come at specified times to tour.   What are they hiding?
  2. When you arrive to tour, you should be able to go throughout the entire Canine and/or cattery facilities (with escort - no boarding facility should allow you to walk through their facilities without an escort).  You will be surprised to find that many boarding facilities will not allow you to actually go throughout the boarding facility. They may take you to a window for viewing the kennel area instead.  You may be told that their insurance does not allow a customer to walk through the kennel area, or some State agency forbids a customer to go beyond a certain point. You may even be told that touring the facility disturbs the boarding guests. This is of course all nonsense, and a good reason to be skeptical.
  3. On your tour, take a good look at the staff that work at the boarding facility. Remember that a boarding facility is only as good as the people that are working there.  Do they have mature, trained, friendly, responsible animal caretakers?  It makes a huge difference in the kind of care your pet will receive!​
For more information on selecting a kennel, we have two articles on our web site entitled "Let's Talk About Boarding Your Dog" and "Let's Talk About Boarding Your Cat".  To read these articles, click on the links below.
Let's Talk About Boarding Your Dog 
Let's Talk About Boarding Your Cat   

A: This is what really separates us from other facilities that board pets. Our posted business hours are only for the business office (handling calls, check-ins & check-outs, etc) - on days that our office is closed, we still have a full staff caring for all of our boarding guests. We have two separate caretaker residences on the property, one of which is for full time staff members responsible for night time duties. The other residence belongs to the owners who also live on the premises.  We have staff on the property tending to our canine & feline guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If we have a major storm in the middle of the night with thunder & lightning, we actually have a staff member in the kennel with our guests to ensure that everyone is fine. On any given holiday or weekend, you will find our kennel fully staffed. 

A: No, we DO NOT put pets that are not from the same family together. Your dog (or cat) will have its own run (or condo) and will never be mixed with any other dogs (or cats). Even when we take dogs out for Play Times or Nature Walks, we never mix dogs from different families.

There are many facilities that promote group play times and frequently blend many dogs together in a large play area. We think the practice of blending dogs (or cats) from different families can be dangerous, and potentially harmful to the pets and staff. We prefer to provide all of our guests with as much human contact as possible -- touching, petting, fetch, belly rubs, giving treats, etc. Our guests do have the opportunity to be social both in the kennel and out in our play areas, as they can see and smell other dogs, but they will never come into physical contact with a pet from another family. 

A: Yes, our dog facilities have very large indoor/outdoor type runs. As long as your dogs get along together, they may share the same indoor/outdoor run. We offer two different size runs (Standard or King), and we will select the run best suited for your dogs. We offer price discounts for the multi-pet family sharing the same run together. We only allow pets to board together if the owner assures us that they blend well. If we see any aggressive fighting between family members, we will not hesitate to separate them at our discretion. 

If your dogs get along well together with the exception of during feeding times, we do have the ability to board them together, but feed them separately. If this is an issue with your pets, simply let our staff know and we will separate them during feedings, the staff will allow each dog time to eat and then remove their bowls from their run before allowing them back together to prevent any issues from arising.  

A: Yes, if they are of average size and get along well, we would encourage you to board your two cats together in the same three level cat condo. Our cat condos can easily handle up to two average sized cats, but not three. We offer price discounts for the multi-cat family sharing the same condo or reserving multiple condos. If you have a large cat (such as a Maine Coon), it would need the entire condo to itself.

A: We have several excellent veterinarians in very close proximity to our facility, along with two emergency facilities that are open all night and on holidays. We treat every guest as we would our own children and will assure them the best attention available. If we think your pet needs to see a veterinarian, we will arrange to take him or her immediately.

A: First and foremost, when we have a bad storm with thunder & lightning, we believe it is important to have a staff member out in the kennel with the dogs. This is one of the reasons that Winding Creek has 2 separate caretaker residences on the property. We always have staff on site who will go out to the kennel buildings during storms, even at 3 o'clock in the morning. We always have music playing in the kennels all night long, but during storms, we crank up the volume to help hide the sound of the thunder from outside. In addition, we turn on all the inside lights, we close down all the dog doors so the dog is safely protected inside, and finally we rotate to all the dogs that appear to be nervous due to the storms. When you first register to board your dog with us at Winding Creek, we ask that you fill out a Pet Information Form, one of the questions on this form is regarding storm fright. If we know we have a dog that is prone to storm fright, we tag the kennel card with a black cloud type sticker that helps us identify the dog during a storm. The staff member can simply walk through the kennel building looking for storm fright stickers. If your dog has extremely severe storm fright, and will do physical harm to himself, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian to prescribe a tranquilizer that will help your dog get through the storm. We administer the medication only as needed should we have a severe storm.

A: First, it is very important that you tell us about your dog's tendencies to jump or climb. If we know we have an escape artist, we prefer not to allow the pet into our play areas, as we do play times off lead. Instead of Play Times, we prefer to walk the escape artists, as they will always be on lead and under constant watch.

It is not likely for a dog to escape from our indoor/outdoor runs for these reasons:
  1. The gates to the indoor/outdoor runs are always clipped so the latch can not be opened without  first removing the clip.
  2. Our runs (both inside & outside) are fully covered with chain link extending all the way up to the  ceiling. Even if your dog is a climber, he will have no means of escape.
  3. We have multiple levels of fenced in areas within our 36 acre site - a pet that manages to escape a fenced in area, will only find himself in a larger fenced in area.
  4. Our staff are professional animal caretakers - our job is to take the best possible care of your pet while you are away, our staff will do anything and everything necessary to ensure that your pet is safe and happy while boarding.  

A: Unlike many kennels that use only chain link to separate the runs from each other, Winding Creek uses solid cement to separate our runs. The inside runs are separated with 6 ft. tall solid cement walls, so from the dog's perspective, they have no neighbors on either side. This makes the inside area a very safe & secure area. In addition, for our smaller guests, we include a bedroom enclosure filled with lambs wool type bedding. Our outside runs are also separated by several feet of cement wall, then we use heavy gauge chain link from the top of this wall up to the outside ceiling. We provide the cement wall separation for several reasons; first, it protects the runs from any cross contamination of urine or fecal from run to run, secondly, it helps prevent any fence fighting or aggressive behavior between runs. It allows a smaller dog the opportunity to go in and out without being intimidated by a much larger neighboring dog.

A: For sanitation purposes, we do not allow any of your pet's own bedding, blankets or pillows into our facility. In the indoor area of our canine runs, we do put down a raised platform kennel decking which is designed to keep our guests off the cement floor and on top of that, we put down our own very comfortable, machine-washable, soft bedding.

For our older guests that are having arthritis issues – we double up the padding in their runs using large,
 quilted blankets, so they are kept very comfortable while boarding.

For cats, we also use the machine-washable, soft bedding, and we provide fleece hammocks for them to lie in.

If you want your pet to have something familiar while boarding - bring a few of their favorite toys from home or a knotted sock with your scent on it, but please do not bring any other articles of clothing.

A: Yes, we encourage you to bring toys and treats for your pet. Please use some discretion in selecting toys that your pet will not chew or shred into small pieces. Many guests choose to bring in kongs, nylabones and tennis balls to keep them busy. Our office also has a small selection of toys available for purchase if your pet needs something new!

For more specific information on bringing toys & treats, please click here. 

A: No, we provide everything necessary to for your pets diet, including premium-quality dry, semi-moist, and canned foods, as well as stainless steel food & water bowls. Our boarders love our house food and switch back and forth from our food to their normal diet with ease. 

If your dog or cat is on a strict veterinarian prescribed diet due to allergies or illnesses etc, then you do need to provide your own food from home. 

For more specific information on bringing a special diet or medications, please click here.

A: Yes, we have forced air heating systems for the winter and air conditioning for the hot summer months, along with ceiling fans and several large power exhausts to exchange the air. Your dogs will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather.

A: No, we do not send pets home with fleas. Upon check-in, we inspect each pet thoroughly. If fleas, ticks or evidence of them are found, we must first treat the pet prior to entering the kennel or cattery. In addition we treat the entire facility with a broad spectrum germicidal disinfectant which also repels fleas and other types of insects.

A: This is something our staff monitors for every guest, on every visit. We check each run prior to cleaning them, multiple times each day. Our staff make notes on any of our guests who are not going potty in their runs. After a period of time, if we see no evidence of urine or fecal from your pet, we will begin rotating your pet outside to a play area three times a day to go potty (we call this NoPo rotation). If your dog does not go potty in his or her run (becomes what we call a NoPo), you will be advised upon check-out and on future visits there would be a small fee for this service.

A: Yes, we do offer a Pet Taxi service. Simply call us well ahead of time to get on our Pet Taxi schedule. Pricing is based on your location. We do not, however, pick up or drop off early in the morning or late in the afternoon. On Saturdays, we pick up & deliver in the afternoon only (never before noon). On Sundays and on or around major holidays, we do not offer a pet taxi service. 

Pricing for our taxi service is based on your distance from our location, not per pet being taxied. 

A:  (1)  The most important item would be proof of current vaccinations from your vet. We do not accept check off type health booklets. If we can not confirm that your pet is current on the vaccinations that we require, we will not allow your pet to enter our boarding facilities. We always recommend that you have your pet's vaccination records faxed to us in advance of your check-in date so that our staff can ensure that your pet is current and set to board.
(2)  The next most important item would be your itinerary with phone numbers. We want to be able to reach you should we have a question concerning the care of your pet. It doesn't matter where your destination will be, if you are near a phone, we want the number! A hotel phone number, cell phone or other land-line number is fine. 
If you are going on a cruise, we need the name of the cruise line, the ship name, the 1-800 ship-to-shore number, and the state room number. 
As a last resort we will take the number of a family member or friend, but our preference is to be able to reach you directly.
(3)  Your dog must be on a leash and under your control at all times upon arriving on our grounds, so be sure to bring a leash and collar. Cats should be safely tucked away in a carrier of some sort. Remember, you are always welcome to bring your pet’s toys and treats – but do not bring any bedding or food bowls. If you choose to bring your pet’s food from home – bring it in a sealed container. If your pet takes any medications, be sure to bring us the original bottle with the dosage information on it.
(4) Finally, if you have never boarded with us before, we need you to download, print, and fill out the following pages: New Customer Information and New Pet Information. Please fill these out completely and return to us (scan and e-mail, fax, or just bring them with you when you check-in).